About Us

We're a team of developers and punters based in Melbourne, Australia. We started off playing odds markets, and we built some sophisticated tools to help us along the way.

When we noticed that other punters did not readily have access to good odds data, we wanted to help. That's why we built The Odds API, and we have made it our mission to create transparency in odds markets.

Our Message to Content Publishers

We believe punters benefit from up-to-date, comprehensive odds. If you're a content publisher or site owner, our odds data can empower you to create highly relevant and engaging content for your users, driving your bookmaker affiliate revenue.

In turn, your users will benefit from engaging content, and the discovery of great value odds and new bookmakers. We see this as a win-win-win situation.

Our System

Our core business is focused on collecting and managing odds data from Australian and UK / EU bookmakers. We've built sophisticated systems that collect and organise huge amounts of odds data every second.

Our systems have been humming for over 2 years, and they continue to grow fast, including ever more sports and bookmakers. All along the way, we obsess over quality and accuracy.

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