# Outrights / Futures Markets

Outrights (futures) markets are now supported in version 3 of The Odds API, starting off with Super Bowl Winner, Golf Majors and Next US President.

There are 2 things to know in order to access outrights odds.

# 1. Include outrights param when getting sports

Include the outrights GET param (&outrights=true), when requesting the /v3/sports endpoint. The response will include sports and events with outrights in addition to sports with regular season events. To see if a sport has outrights, check its has_outrights key. For example:


GET /v3/sports/?apiKey={apiKey}&outrights=true

  "key": "americanfootball_nfl_super_bowl_winner",
  "active": true,
  "group": "American Football",
  "details": "Super Bowl Winner 2020/2021",
  "title": "NFL Super Bowl Winner",
  "has_outrights": true
  "key": "americanfootball_nfl",
  "active": true,
  "group": "American Football",
  "details": "US Football",
  "title": "NFL",
  "has_outrights": false

# 2. Include mkt=outrights or exclude mkt when getting odds

Include the GET param mkt=outrights when requesting the /v3/odds endpoint for an outright sport. You can also exclude the mkt param entirely to have it default to outrights. For example:

GET /v3/odds/?apiKey={apiKey}&region=us&sport=americanfootball_nfl_super_bowl_winner&mkt=outrights

"data": [
  "sport_key": "americanfootball_nfl_super_bowl_winner",
  "sport_nice": "Super Bowl Winner",
  "commence_time": 1612738800,
  "sites": [
      "site_key": "betfair",
      "site_nice": "Betfair",
      "last_update": 1585732898,
      "odds": {
        "outrights": [
            "name": "Kansas City Chiefs",
            "price": 7.4
            "name": "Baltimore Ravens",
            "price": 8.4

Update Interval

Outrights are usually less dynamic than other markets, so their update interval is up to 30 mins pre-match, and up to 1 minute as games go live.

Schema Differences

The outrights schema has some differences to the schema for regular season games:

  • Missing teams key
  • Missing home_team key

Due to these differences, the visibility of outrights in version 3 was made optional and disabled by default in the /sports endpoint. This was to ensure existing API integrations were unaffected.

# Get Started

For more info on getting started, see the docs.

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