# The Odds API Terms and Conditions

By purchasing any of our products, you agree to these terms and conditions.

# Definitions

The API service is provided by The Odds API Pty Ltd, ACN: 627461947 (“The Odds API”, “We” or “Us”).

Users (or “You”) are defined as any person who has registered to use the API service.

Service is defined as the API service and its associated data.

# Liability

We take care to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of our data. However on occasion, errors may be present in the data. We will not be held liable for losses resulting from actions made on the data provided in our API, whether the data is correct or erroneous or outdated. It is your responsibility to independently verify the accuracy of the data before using it. We encourage you to inform us of any errors.

We will not be liable for any losses resulting from actions taken on the basis of our API data.

We assume no responsibility for any products created by users of the API service using the API data.

# Restrictions

Do not resell or redistribute our data as a data product, including but not limited to data dumps and API access. If we suspect the resale of our data as a data product, we reserve the right to revoke your API key and block all future API access attempts by you. If you are unsure about what is permissible, please contact us.

# API Key Responsibility

Once registered for the API service, you will receive an API key via email. The API key is a randomly generated string associated with your purchased usage plan. It is your responsibility to keep your API key private. Failure to keep your API key private will make it vulnerable to quota depletion by unauthorized users. If you suspect that the privacy of your API has been breached, you can request a new API key.

# Cancellations & Refunds

You may cancel your access to the API service at anytime, however since any unused portion of your payment is non-refundable, your plan will remain active until the next billing cycle. In extraordinary cases (for example, serious error on our part), decisions to refund will be made entirely at our discretion.

# Appropriate Usage and Abuse

If we suspect abuse or malicious intent by users of our service, we reserve the right to terminate API access for an API key, and/or to block IP addresses, at any time without warning.

# Add-on Privacy

When using the Sports Odds add-on for Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, no personal information is collected. We may collect anonymous usage information for the purposes of product improvement.